The agony and ecstasy of recruiting

At my New Position at Monsoon (we are hiring!) I have the pleasure of building out an engineering team and culture that will help bring the awesome.  Recently being on the other end of the table, it is interesting to see now how Engineers present themselves to potential employers.  I am thinking that maybe I didn’t need to dress so well for my job interviews.

It has been a good week in terms of articles about his very topic, two of which I wanted to share:

The first is a Quora thread that is heavy in the Dev Nerdiesness, but great when thinking about your dev resources as both human beings (shared ownership, building a culture of learning and continuous improvement) as well as knowing they are an (very) expensive resource (the focus on automation and continuous testing).

The second flowed through my Flipboard from Inc Magazine called Would you Let Your Employees Job Hunt?.  It is a question that is of particular interest.   When I told my last job I had another offer, their response was, “No, you cannot work for them.”  They did not even attempt to make a counter offer until a few days before my two weeks were up.  The worst feeling I have about that experience was the impression that my previous employers felt that they owned me.  It was very sour.  A counter offer would have been nice, but being able to be open about my desires would have made it more of a conversation instead of a confrontation.

Trying to find these articles again after thinking about them has also been a lesson in how I consume the internet.  I think the Quora thread came from the Hacker news (I cannot stand the Quora interface) but I could not find it again, the second from Flipboard, so I have literally no idea why it was in my feed.  Maybe I added it at some point?  Maybe I was on one of the tech news tiles that I don’t normally push.  Who knows?  Anyway, in the age of the information firehose, you cannot let your attention wander for a second otherwise you will find yourself searching google for half remembered sentences you read while the train was pulling into your stop.

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